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Kristine Germaine Designs

From an early age I’ve always loved the arts. Whether it was painting, cross stitch, quilting or anything that I could do creatively with my hands. I guess I inherited it from my Grandmother. Every Christmas I loved getting her knitted slippers and jackets. She also crocheted and to this day I still have some of her crocheted pieces that I treasure. Don’t they always say you should “do what you love”? Think back to when you were little and remember what you were passionate about. Well, animals and the arts were always important to me. As we get older we put up too many walls and sometimes loose what we were passionate about and end up doing something that either someone else wanted us to do or what we thought we should do.

I’m fortunate to have a very supportive husband who encourages me to do what I love. We have traveled extensively and lived abroad in Abu Dhabi, UAE and Rome, Italy. Some of my designs reflect traditional jewelry from the Middle East. Everything is made by hand. Each piece of jewelry I design and make is done with a lot of thought and care. I’m a one woman show! I take pride in my work and think about the person that will wear a piece.

Since everything is made by hand no two pieces will be alike; similar maybe, but not identical. We are loosing the true art of things hand crafted. It’s really sad to think someday there may not be anything hand made. Sure, you can buy something that a machine stamps out but it won’t have the soul that my jewelry has! Plus, it’s MADE IN AMERICA!

I’m also a big proponent on adopting animals. I support the local rescue shelters and a portion of the proceeds from each sale is given to different animal shelters in my area. Please don’t buy from puppy mills, ADOPT! Pets are truly thankful for your adopting them.